"live” at the cavern

This is David from the Innocents at The Cavern, Charles and Greg behind, performing at the IPO Liverpool May 2006

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  1. That lad must trim his side burns before they spread over the entire globe.

  2. Jeff Anderson says:

    I was talking to myself the other day, and I thought, god, i’d love to play what you blokes are playing.
    Im a cap in hand drummer/harmonist looking for work.
    For the last 21 years i’ve worked full time as a drummer/vocalist in Sydney Corp and tourist arenas. The last 7 years as freelance drummer for tours,clubs,festivals etc doing Rock,country,Irish,blues.
    My wife and i came to Tas in ’04 and never looked back, except for the music scene. Ive been working in a RnRoll band around Hobart but sadly, the museos want to party too much.

    I got a sample of your work off AMPLIFIED 2006 – disc 1 – track 16,

    Love the loseing star theme and not wanting to be, but able to capture that 60,s style without rubbing our noses in it.

    It was great to see a long neck Rickenbacker in your above presentation.
    However, for those tired lead breaks after the 2nd verse, can i suggest the
    360 12 string Rickenbacker … I know, very expensive, hard to come by.

    Details: Jeff Anderson 03) 6267 4475

    email jellymusic@bigpond.com

    Where can i buy your cd’s ?

    Good luck with the band