3 hands good

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  1. Pamela says:


    I am somewhat bemused, shocked or stunned eh! Fancy this! I have been on the damn net for 9 years and have often thought about you guys, IE, Greg Cracknell, Charles Touba and my friends heart throb Martin Fisher that was on the keybourds during 1980 – 81. I think I will just keep typing till the cows come home!!!! I think there is a renaisonce going on with people in my age bracket! *LOL*

    Let me go back in rewind, we first saw the Innocents back in 1980,
    at Sydney Uni in a bar along with the Sunnyboys, or was it 1981?
    We met Greg Cracknell and I used to oogle at Charles Touba.
    And as I said my friend. liked Martin Fisher, that must of been his name.
    You guys while you up in Sydney, zoomed around in an old Mercedes
    white Van. As stupd groupies *L* Brierley and I, my friend, went and saw you guys at all the gigs, and we got to know other would be faithful
    femail band followers!! I cant remember their names but they had
    long brown hair and chubby, very nice ladies. You guys also played
    down at Sussex Street pub a lot and Maroubra pub.

    During the 2nd quarter of 1981, I think the last time we Saw you guys in the Innocents was down at the Manzil room at Kings Cross. Then mate Brierley and went over to
    Europe and travel the world for 7 months, heartbroken at not being able
    to see my favourite band “The Innocents and the Aliens” I had a clapped out Cassette recorder that I had taped all my Innocents songs on and the cassette blew up in Scotland. Devasted *LOL* I decided to do something quite lavish on the cheap. Every city I visited in Europe, UK, (Beatles Cavern of course) My Mecca! Asia, I dragged Brierly off into
    any music shop I could get into and purchased god knows how many
    Guitar picks. I think some of them had the country of origin on the picks, When I came back into Sydney around Dec 81 and my mate
    Brierley stayed on in the UK, I came back leaving a pile of broken
    romances and a guy out the Band the 45’s at the time in the UK,
    my focus was on going to an Innocents Concert when I got back *L*

    My objective and agenda was to give every damn guitar pick I got from
    around the world and present it to Charles Touba, my Innocents Idle!! *L*
    To my absolute dismay at the time when I did get to see you guys in
    the last ever concert in Sydney, I think it was at the Metropol Tavern
    in Cremorne with Little Ashley and the incurables on the same bill,
    I think I spoke or my other friend or the other Groupies said it was
    your last gig in Sydney and were heading back to Snug in Tasmania!

    Luckily I had the plastic bag with me, with all the guitar picks of my
    collection. During the concert I recall how sad I felt you guys were
    packing your gear and heading back to Tasmania. I think at the time
    flying back into Sydney a few days before was flying back into a time warp. You guys at the time probably even made it sadder for me.

    So when you guys finished your last song, I was shy and I think I just
    spoke to Greg Cracknell, etc, then mustering up the courage,
    I was like a Gidget Look alike then LOL* I waltzed up to Charles
    Touba and said, something like, Charles……..here are some guitar
    picks I have collected from all around the world from my trip I have
    just come back on, I dont know what went through his brain or if
    Charles can even remember that moment in time *LOL*
    I think he was startled thinking who is that idiotic chick?

    I thus turned my back very sadley and walked sadly out of the venue
    and that was the last I had ever seen of the Innocents.

    The female followers up here in Sydney went on to follow Dave Dobbyn
    and around 1984 I think I recognised one of them, really nice chicks
    BTW, said that Greg went and owned a Record shop or something
    in Snug or Hobart and Charles went back to University or to that degree,
    we never found out whatever happend to the keybourd Player Martin Fisher. up here.

    Till now what is it? ummm 25 years later, strangely I had this old
    photo that popps up occasionaly of Charles and Greg Cracknel
    wearing at the time his signature sunglasses *L*

    And the other week I was on youtube.com and saw all these old
    band videos from 1979 to 1982 like Jimmy and the Boys and sports
    etc, unbelievable, and I asked this guy if he had any of The Innocents
    or the Aliens, he said he had a video of you guys back in 1980 I think
    and did not put it up on youtube.com, maybe you guys should put your stuff up there! You cannot copy it its just for viewing, big audience too or your new stuff! Anyway back to what I was going to say, for some uknown reason I typed in the 45’s in the uk and they were not there
    but I typed in your band name and god. Low and behold your
    Band pops up “The Innocents” Now why after 9 years on the godam
    net didn’t I do this before? I dont know, fate plays a strange
    way of utilising the brain in memory! I will go forth and tell my friends
    whom were with me about your site.

    Now I have raved on and written the enclyopedia Britanica.
    The above was the memories of a young 21 year old besotted
    female on Charles LOL* Unfortunaltley my gidget days are over
    but larger with the looks still *L*

    For you guys, Greg Cracknell has not changed!!!! And my god
    Charles Touba is still extroadinarily handsome! But you guys must
    be older than 43*L*

    Please note the above email addres is valid but the business folded up.
    It just sounds impressive! I ended up in my later years working
    for the ABC and ended up doing independant unproductive
    movie crap for film festivals and and on youtube. PS there is no money in youtube but its good viewing. I would like to end off to mentione
    to Greg Cracknell, I used to be a communist in the days back then and protest at Lucas heights! LOL I was just a ring in. Left all the demonstrations to the rent a crowds.


    A long time ago bemused fan of the Innocents.
    You guys should bring out a dvd on the songs or a multi media one.
    Youd be surprised who is out there who wants the stuff


    I make no apologies for the length of this post, its 25 years in the making!

  2. Phil Quinn says:

    To quote Bart Simpson…’You guys rock!’

    I’ve been urging Bill Riner (ABC local radio programmer) to listen to and feature Pop Factory on Brisbane 612.

  3. Daniel says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article 3 hands good, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  4. Phil Quinn says:

    Hey guys

    What’s happening with the Tony Sheridan recordings???

    Eagerly awaiting…